ELITE CZECH COURSES – Czech for Foreigners and Czech Language Support


Improve your life experience in the Czech Republic through
personal language tuition or language support 
when dealing with local authorities and businesses.

Why choose us?

we tailor our  programmes to your needs


Both our Czech language programmes and our language support services are designed to meet your specific,  individual requirements.

we aim to create a comfort-able, stress free environment


Our language tuition is designed to be supportive and we deliver it with a smile. Our language support services will enable you to communicate with confidence.

we are flexible


You can choose the time and place for your tuition or for the language support that you require. You can cancel and rearrange tutorials when necessary. You can also change learning objectives in line with your changing needs. You can also study via Skype.

we bring you the best


We provide a professional service, with care and commitment. We know that learning a foreign language can be a long journey. Our aim is to make this journey a pleasant, successful experience and to enable you to reach your goals.



We are here to help you with anything you need.

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