Studying Czech with help of technologies / Studium češtiny s pomocí technologií

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Integrating learning in your daily routine with technology.


Today, there are dozens and dozens of mobile applications or software for language learning. But if you study Czech, you know that their number is a bit limited. After all, studying Czech is not as popular as studying a world language such as English, German, French, etc. So where to look if you want to incorporate technology into your daily study routine of the Czech language?


Mobile apps:


Duolingo, Memrise

You probably have probably already heard about those two most famous language learning apps but if not here is some information. Basically, you set up a profile and choose the target language. Then you can set your weekly goals and that’s it! And yes, both are for free.

Google Play Duolingo / iTunes Duolingo

Google Play Memrise / iTunes Memrise

Ten Ta To

This free mobile app helps you to quickly find a Czech noun and find out its gender because grammatical gender rules it all in Czech sentence. The app contains a summary of main rules on how to determine the gender of Czech nouns, search field and you can also practise your knowledge by playing a game.

Google Play / iTunes


Audio course:


If you prefer to listen to the language and repeat Pimsleur audio course might be the one for you but be aware that this one is not for free. You can listen to it when commuting or washing the dishes (my favourite!). There are so far series only for Level 1 but one must start somewhere.

Pimsleur Czech Serie Level 1



More and more Czech language teachers start to use video for their students. You can search YouTube and find your favourite videos. Here are some tips to the beginning:

Czech with a Praguer


Tady Gavin


Reality Czech

Reality Czech is characterized as „a next-generation openly licensed Czech textbook and curriculum“ and you can find here 10 online units with clearly set up communicative goals, grammar and vocabulary all for free. Structured unit with pictures and videos together with home assignments help you on your way to learning some basic Czech.

Mluvte česky – MUNI

Mluvte česky is a free online course of the Czech language for foreigners created by Masaryk University in Brno which contains interactive exercises, texts, as well as various audio-visual tools.

Kurzy čestiny pro cizince – Centrum pro integraci cizinců

This site provides you with free material for Czech at work and Czech at school. You can find there a video regarding some situation and exercises to practise it.



Good luck and let us know on our Facebook page which one helps you the most!